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General Counsel for South Florida Community Associations

At Backer Aboud Poliakoff & Foelster, we understand that the people who serve as officers for condo and homeowner associations (HOAs) are hard-working individuals who volunteer their time and who are motivated by a simple goal: maintaining the quality of life for their community and maintaining the value of their investment in real estate. It is our priority to be easy to work with, accessible, and respectful of our clients' time and budgets when helping them with the legal issues they face in their volunteer roles.

Attorney Keith F. Backer, the founder of Backer Aboud Poliakoff & Foelster in Boca Raton, Florida, has more than 25 years of experience representing community association clients. He established Backer Law Firm as the antidote to the Large Law Firm Syndrome — impersonal organizations plagued by lawyer turnover and multiple departments that don't seem to talk to each other.

"I know from personal experience that clients do not want to be shuffled from lawyer to lawyer. Clients do not want to repeatedly establish new relationships with lawyers simply because the ones they were working with left the firm. When clients work with Backer Law Firm, they get consistency and the chance to develop a solid working relationship with me. When I am asked 'how do you compete with large law firms ?', I am pleased to say that it is those law firms who cannot compete with us. Large law firms often struggle to provide the kind of personal service that is second nature to us. We make use of the same technological advances as larger firms, but include the kind of personal atttention others  do not." — Keith F. Backer

If you are looking for a respected community association law firm that will provide effective general counsel for issues related to homeowner association enforcement and amendments, contact us to schedule a meeting with Mr. Backer.

Help With Amendments, Enforcement and Day-to-Day Legal Issues

Condominium and homeowners associations face complex legal issues in their day-to-day operations. When you work with an experienced community association law attorney like Keith F. Backer, you get timely advice about regulations and restrictive covenants that can help you avoid costly mistakes and potential liabilities.

Clients trust us to help them with issues such as:

  • Interpreting and enforcing covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Conducting periodic reviews of the governing documents and making amendments
  • Addressing compliance with current statutes and regulations
  • Enforcing rules with individual owners
  • Offering advice on insurance coverage
  • Drafting and reviewing vendor contracts
  • Advising age-restricted communities on legal steps to avoid discrimination charges
  • Ensuring compliance with the Fair Housing Amendments Act
  • Assisting with assessment collections for delinquent accounts
  • Negotiating and litigating disputes
  • Working with water management concerning permits and fines

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to speak directly with an experienced homeowner association enforcement and amendment attorney.

Backer Aboud Poliakoff & Foelster assists clients throughout Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami-Dade County.

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