BAPF HiTechCollect

Backer Aboud Poliakoff & Foelster provides its clients and their managers with 24/7 access to its internet-based community association collections system, BAPF HiTechCollect ©. The primary goal of this system is to recover delinquent sums faster and more efficiently our system provides clients and their managers with immediate updates of the status of the firm’s collection efforts anywhere they have access to the internet.

We recognize the importance of recovering unpaid funds for community associations. None of a community’s goals can be met without the required financial resources. We are pleased to provide this service to our clients at no charge. Nothing about this service changes our fee arrangements; in nearly all cases, the Association will still not have to pay for the attorney fees incurred in the collection process until the money is collected from the property owner.

24 – Hour Access to Account Status

Have you wondered whether the delinquent accounts you sent into collection by mail, email or fax were received and processed? With BAPF HiTechCollect ©, clients and their managers are able to log on to the internet from home, office, smart phone or anywhere with an internet connection and check on the status of any collection account sent. Because BAPF HiTechCollect © is a web-based application, information is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to anyone provided with your community’s password in real-time. That means, when a demand letter is created and sent to a property owner from our office, that fact is immediately reflected on the on-line status report. All of us know how quickly things can change in a matter of a few hours. The information contained in monthly status reports is nearly always stale and inaccurate before it even reaches the Board or property manager. Inaccurate reports are useless and a waste of time for everyone involved in the collection process. With our system, managers and directors do not need to plan to call our office days in advance of the next Board meeting for a current status report of pending collections matters; a simple log in to your account will allow the user to read and print the status report and run out the door to the meeting. Providing instant, real-time information is a critical part of successful assessment collection. The reports may be easily printed and provided to the directors at their meetings.

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Clients, to get access to BAPF HiTechCollect ©, please contact Karen Smilen at our office ( to request a user name and password.

Backer Aboud Poliakoff & Foelster assists clients throughout St. Lucie, Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami-Dade County.